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Abstract Works on Paper

These works combine the oldest form of printmaking, relief printing wooden blocks, with the new technology of laser-cutting. This allows the artist to create perfect geometric forms to print. Ganter inks them by hand and prints them in compositions that are often unique or created in small, limited editions, that allow her to work spontaneously in response to the different shapes and colours as they appear on the paper. The circles and sections of the circle are combined with the negative areas of the wooden matrix from which the shape is cut. Different transparencies of ink create tonal variation and depth.

Overlap 1.jpg

Overlap 1, relief print on Somerset Velvet, 42.5 x 46cm. This is part of a small and varied edition of five prints. The blocks of wood are lasercut. Each is hand printed by the artist and variations occur where blocks are placed differently, and colours vary in tone. The paper is cut in response to the design so that the white paper is a contributing part of the composition.

All in the making 1.jpg

All in the making, a unique relief print, on Somerset Satin, 76 X 56cm. It was hand printed by the artist who composed it during the printing process, reacting spontaneously to each block as it appeared on the paper and printing another layer in response until the image was complete.

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