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Apposition 1, etching and aquatint, 89 X 140cm

The series, Appositions, were exhibited at the A.I.R. Gallery in New York and at the Hart Gallery in London in 2000. Small pastel drawings with collaged elements provided the inspiration for these large prints. The black rectangles and squares anchor subtle planes of colour that float in front and behind them, parallel to the picture plane. Printed from two or three steel plates, the slightest pastel mark in the drawing is reproduced as confirmation of their importance in the final composition. 

Apposition III, soft-ground etching and aquatint, 55 X 67.5cm


Apposition IV soft-ground etching and aquatint, 54.5 X 67.5cm

Apposition IX soft-ground etching and aquatint, 55 X 65.5cm

Apposition X, soft-ground etching and aquatint, 55 X 65.5cm

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