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Cell 16, archival inkjet print, etching and aquatint, 93.5 X 98cm

Ganter made the series, Cells, over a number of years, using photographic techniques to capture images of small models that suggested figurative elements for the first time in her work. Deeply etched lines and aquatint are juxtaposed with the photographs to emphasise the presence of the picture plane as well as the illusory depth beyond it. 

Cell 1, photo-etching and aquatint, 28.5 X 38cm

Cell 2, photo-etching and aquatint, 28 X 38cm

Cell 3, photo-etching and aquatint, 29 X 54.5cm

Cell 4, photo-etching and aquatint, 28. X 37cm

Cell 5, photo-etching and aquatint, 28 X 54.5cm

Cell 26 photo-etching and aquatint, 27.5 X 37cm

Cell 7, photo-etching and aquatint, 30 X 30cm

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