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Doodling with Intent

Free Flow (deconstructed) 1.jpg

Free Form 1, unique relief print, 56 X 76cm

Working with musicians who improvise to create graphic scores has been a substantial part of Ganter's work for ten years. Improvisation vies with composition in this body of work, begun during lockdown at the artist's kitchen table and afterwards through habit. 

Doodling is a form of intuitive, improvisation. To doodle, according to dictionary definitions, is and "aimless or meaningless activity". These small watercolour paintings see the artist giving herself permission to work freely and without intention. The small scale of the work is an essential part of the doodle, often limited to marginalia or backs of envelopes. Ganter uses beautiful watercolour paper and paint but a small scale is maintained and, as in her sketchbooks, the artist improvises, revises, and follows ideas in unexpected directions. Images on these pages may be decorative, gestural, bizarre, garish: senseless. However, after forty-years practice, the artist inevitably extends the play of symmetry and asymmetry evident in all her work, and series become apparent as ideas are followed through several iterations. 

The relief prints Ganter sometimes makes from the 'doodled' ideas play with the tension of the original freedom of paint and the resistance of the laser-cut and hand printed wooden blocks that are printed and reprinted to create multi-layered and complex images, each one unique. 

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