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Drawings and Paintings

The majority of Jo Ganter's work is created using techniques that enable editing and produce multiples but small drawings and paintings are an important part of her creative process, both for working out designs, and as independent works. Their small scale and intimacy allows for an inventive freedom and quirky approach to image-making not possible in the larger pieces.

Tabletop Doodles.jpg

Tabletop Doodles 1 - 4, in watercolour. Made during the 2020 lockdown, Ganter made these on her table at home using the materials she could transport easily from her studio, a watercolour box of paint. They are painted on Arches watercolour paper, 35.5 X 25.5cm.

Tabletop Doodles 2.tif
Tabletop Doodles 3.jpg
Tabletop Doodle 4.tif
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