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Ellipses and Circles
Untitled (Three Ellipses).jpg

Untitled, (Three Ellipses), edition of six relief prints, 112 X 72cm

The series of relief prints using ellipses and semi-circles were Ganter's first use of laser cutting and the circle, her love of geometry having been firmly attached to squares and rectangles before. Suddenly circles were central to her work, influenced by the graphic scores she made with Raymond MacDonald for Silent Music Seeing Sound. The artist animated Three Ellipses to music she edited from a piece by her partner, George Burt.


Once Three Ellipses was printed, Ganter took the same wooden blocks and improvised to create a series of unique prints. Semi-Circle Overlap 2 was exhibited at Kelvingrove Art Gallery as part of The Love of Print: 50 Years of Glasgow Print Studio in 2022.

Overlap 2, unique relief print, 76 x 56cm

Overlap 1, edition of 6 relief prints, 44 X 42cm

Solo Ellipse, unique relief print, 56 X 76cm

Double Ellipse, unique relief print, 56 X 76cm

The series of Ellipses used strong transparent colours to create horizontal movements across the paper. Ganter's next series move vertically and these prints, while using the same shapes, (often the same printing blocks), circles and segments of circles, and the squares from which the circles are cut, these appear very different. Reds, pinks, blues and oranges, tumble from top to bottom, seemingly haphazard and off-balance, where the ellipses were always precisely oriented to 90 degrees. 

Carnival Tumble, unique relief print, 60 X 80cm

Pink Tumble, unique relief print, 60 X 80cm

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