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Jane Street Residency


IN REAL TIME + PLACE: a collaboration

A collaborative project and residency supported by the Jane Steet Art Center in Saugerties, NY.

Jo Ganter worked with the Scottish musicians, Raymond MacDonald and George Burt, American musician, Marilyn Crispell, and New York artist Melinda Stickney Gibson during a month-long residency at the Jane Street Art Center July of 2022.

It was an experimental period where musicians and artists worked together to create paintings, drawings and installations to be interpreted in a number of musical performances.


Jo Ganter created large ink wash paintings on paper that Marilyn Crispell responded to with pen and charcoal. Raymond MacDonald produced large colourful washes on paper that Ganter used to create intricate pen outlines. These were exhibited in the white cube, Jane Street Gallery.


Ganter, Crispell, MacDonald and Burt worked on a series of large gestural ink paintings for the walls of the Newberry Gallery, an old five and dime store that opens onto the High Street in Saugerties and is also part of the Jane Street Art Center. Each artist made a spontaneous brushstroke and then passed the brush to the next artist to make one in response.



This large space was perfect to display this work as a continuous graphic score around the walls of the gallery. Artefacts from the time of the '5,10, and 25 cent' store remained in the space and Raymond MacDonald worked with Melinda Stickney Gibson to produce a central piece for the space which worked both as graphic score and percussion instrument. The musicians and spectators of the performance played the metal cogs, rollers and tin sheeting during the performance.


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