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Original Prints

Original prints exist in multiple but each one is an original work of art, printed by hand from metal plates or wooden blocks. Jo Ganter produces etchings and relief prints using multiple plates or blocks to build layers of colour. She produces small limited editions of each image. 

Barium chromate is named for its colour: yellow. It is a two plate intaglio print that combines photo-etching and aquatint. Printed on Somerset Velvet, 300gm paper, 112 X 77.5cm, the image is 96 X 54cm. It was exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition in 2016.


Hung, is printed from two steel plates, etched using photo-emulsion and printed in various shades of dark umber to create a rich, dramatic image. It is printed on Somerset Satin 410gm paper, 76.5 X 78cm. It was exhibited in Ganter's third solo exhibition at Glasgow Print Studio, Forms of Being, in 2010.

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