Jo Ganter has taken photographs for the whole of her career, often to simply record imagery that she is interested in. They reflect her love of urban spaces, grid formations and, increasingly, the more complex matrices she sees in nature.

New Jersey Transit 1
New Jersey Transit 1

New Jersey Transit 2
New Jersey Transit 2

New Jersey Transit 6
New Jersey Transit 6

New Jersey Transit 1
New Jersey Transit 1


Photographs taken from New Jersey Transit trains while the artist was commuting between New York and New Jersey. Jo Ganter's interest in grid structures and space are clear in her choice of subject matter, typical also of her interest in the edges of urban spaces.

Nantucket Forest 2
Major Tree
Nantucket Trail Heron
Amherst_old Nantucket rail line
Major Tree 2
Nantucket forest

In 2011 Ganter was asked to teach at the University of Massuchusetts in Amherst. The snow didn't allow cycling until late April. These are taken along the old Nantucket train line, now cycle trail, that runs between Amherst and Northampton.

Water Lily
Surface Tension 2
Water lilies
Surface Tension
Surface Tension 4
Surface Tension 3

Taken on Mull, the photographs show again the artist observing the repeat patterns, vertical lines and horizontal stretches of space in the environment.