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Sets 1 - 4

Set 1, photo-etching and aquatint, 111.5 X 94cm

Set 1 is the first large work made using photographic techniques. Ganter made small models reminiscent of stage sets in her studio to photograph. They suggest architectural spaces with possible figurative elements, but remain ambiguous; expressive of real space, light and movement. While these images never allow the spectator to know what is represented, they provide space for the viewers' own interpretations. 

Set 4, photo-etching and aquatint, 92.5 X 72cm

These works are etched into steel plates, each image requires two plates so that layers of colour and tone can be created. They are then hand-printed by the artist on 410gms Somerset Satin paper. The series were exhibited in London at the Hart Gallery in Islington in 2007. 

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