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Under Bridge Gate
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Jo Ganter is a tenant at the WASPS studios on East Campbell Street in Glasgow. She is exhibiting a body of her latest work at The Briggait which sees her collaborating with saxophonist Raymond MacDonald to create graphic scores: visual images that replace conventional music scores to direct music. The Briggait is a category A listed building in Glasgow, situated in the Merchant City on the Bridgegate. It was the fish market until the 1970s. In the 21st century it was refurbished and converted into artist studios, opening in August 2010. Ganter took the Briggait's roof as the starting point for two three-metre high printed canvases which hung in the main space of the building for the exhibition. Working with musician, Raymond MacDonald, the intricate, grid-like matrices of the wrought-iron were designed to provide boundaries for blocks of colour to create temporal structures for the music. 



Musical instructions are specific to each of the images exhibited: colour may indicate the instrumentation, (blue = saxophone, piano = pink), or, a particular kind of musical material, (orange = melodic, green = pointillistic short notes, blue = long notes). Decisions are negotiated through a process of visual composition and musical rehearsals of the piece. The score will sound different each time it is played, but is always specific to the instructions of the score.


Spectators may enjoy the work on a purely visual level and/or appreciate them as music. They enjoy discovering the relationship between the two. A live musical performance will take place at the opening of the exhibition on Friday 2 March, 6 - 8pm. 

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